this is the list of things that i REALLY want for gifts.
the idea was stolen from chuck….
the list is always changing
things will be removed when i have them in my possession.
YAY! for making things easy!
click the links bellow to buy me stuff!

amazon list

threadless tee-shirts:
if your interested in time travel meet me next thursday
procrastinators: leaders of tomarrow
in case of emergency BREAK DANCE
meat is murder. tasty tasty murder
allow me to explain though interpretive dance
sleep is so last night
in case of zombies
bleeding heart
stick figures in peril
now thats dope
i want to be friends
flowers in the attic
have fun
death, our nation’s number one killer
Road Rage
This game sucks
Peace and Hate can you tell the difference
Infinity mpg
If you can read this make me a sandwich
Imagine me, a Ninja Pirate, riding atop a zombie unicorn…
When You Think About It, All Galaxies Are Far, Far, Away
The Art of Conversation Is, Like, Kinda Dead and Stuff.
Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow
Honk if your about to run me over

Life is like a box of terrible analogies.
Shakespeare hates your emo poems
im a noun!

married to the seatee-shirts:
shakespeare got to get paid, son.
puke plates
its mother fucking booze time

wondermark :
steam powered heart


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