i hope this works….
January 30, 2010, 1:13 am
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i am currtnely getting ready to head over to the studio to start filming
on a new project with my friends from studio sunday.
its a youtube “show” and i hope that it works.
i know that with stand alone content for youtube
i am extremely late to the game
and will not reach the number in my audience like people such as
the vlogbrothers,
and wheezy waiter
but i hope that somebody out there will watch
that somebody will be engaged
that somebody will particapate.
and we can start something good and new and exciting.


USTREAM!!!! and my tummy hurts a bit…
November 30, 2009, 8:44 am
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studio sunday ustreaming!

why the fuck am i not asleep…?
November 24, 2009, 11:00 am
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its 4am
and im not asleep.
imagain that.

i am SOPOSED to do something productive tomarrow…
or is it today now?
when its day light i am soposed to be cleaning my room.
its nice to actaully be able to say my room.

i have officlay become pissed off at the fact
that i have to climb over a pile of crap
to get clothes out of my dresser.

its been almost an entier month sence we moved in.
and my room still looks like a storage center…..
though to be honest we all knew that this was going to happen.

thats funny.

so on to something productive……
(a word that i will not be tomarrow!)

lauren and i have recently joined up with the folks over at studio sundaywho are currently working on a project
which is right now entitled “fairy tales/folk lore + unexpected theme”
(we are working on the name)
lauren and i have decided to work together on this
and that means that there is going to be an animation + a book
we decided
(because we were just going to but heads if somebody did not take the lead)
that lauren would be at the helm of the animation…
and i would tend to the book….
though the other would play a huge part in the production and brainstorming
of the other.

so in short an actual combination of both our talents.

OHOHOH! and we finally get to use the bumper that i made for her thesis
that get not get used….

speaking of thesis i need to set up my desktop in order to get my pics of thesis off of it….

*grubmle grumble*

i now leave you with awesomeness that makes me giggle…..

oh and this has been stuck in my head all night
and this just becuase…

goodnight moon