help me win!!!!!
June 18, 2011, 3:04 am
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so a while ago i entered the instructables cupcake contest with my lemon rainbow cupcakes….
and now i need your help!

on sunday june 18th at midnight
the contest closes for entrys….
and the voting begins.

this is where i need your help….
go to my instructables page.
(link provided at the end of my plea for help)
vote for me
get your friends to vote for me
get your mom to vote for me
get your children to vote for me..

your votes will help me become a finalist.
then the future of my cupcakes rests in the hands
of the instructable judges.
*crosses fingers*

if not i hate you
and all your dreams are dead.

vote here for awesomeness


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I must be blind – I don’t see an option to vote when I go to that link. Also went to “contests” and I still don’t see how! Do you have another link? BTW – I am SO going to try this some time!

Comment by Stephanie Lammi

the voteing does not start untill midnight. sorry if i forgot to mention that!

Comment by Heather

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