1001 days

101 things in 1001 days starting 2-10-2009 ending 11-8-2011

when things have been completed they will be crossed out.

if they are in progress they will be highlighted in pink

links are in green

1.visit Greg

2.get a new job


4. buy an actual bed

5.start painting again

6.start waking up before noon ( working on it but not very well)

7.get my license

8.get a personal mode of transportation that does not

require peddling.

9.visit my grandparents graves

10.get 5 more stars

11.fall asleep and wake up next to the person i love

12.try to learn sign language

13.learn to sew better (working on it!)

14.actually play my D&D character

15.sell a piece of art

16.have a show not related to woodgang

17.go to at least 5 amazing concerts. and tell the people in my life who i love….

that i love them.

19.go on a road trip (does not matter where as long as it

is somewhere besides rockford or milwaukee)

20.participate in postsecret

21.send out christmas cards to strangers i picked out of the phone book

22.start to learn how to play an instrument

23.go to the zoo and sketch the animals

24.go to a public place and sketch the people

25.go camping

26.knit a doctor who scarf

27.start writing in my personal journal at least once a week

28.start sketching in my sketch book at least once a week

29.make artist books about events in my life

30.enter juried art shows

31.start writing actual letters to people who live far away

32.state 100 things that make me happy

33.go to the movies by myslef (or re-watch) amc’s 100 greatest films

35.when done with the above 100 move on to 200 then 300.

36.start a savings account (or re-read)TIME’s 100 best english language novels

no matter how boring the book is.

38.get a new library card

39.get my mom to develop that bag of old film (or slowly do it myslef)

40.scan in old pictures

41.take a family portrait

42.take part in flickr365 (check out my progress)

43.get custom css

44.get my own domain name

45.particapate in postcrossings with art postcards

46.have nice dinner alone with each member of my immediate family

47.leave notes in the library books i take check out

48.go to the east and west coast.

49.go to the museum

50.have a fancy dinner date with lauren

51.go on a “real” date

52.go to church at least once

53.go to confession an amazing sandcastle at the beach

55.find and drink orange fanta from ireland a pair of high heals

57.lean to walk in said high heals )

58.make chocolate chip cookies from scratch

59.learn to make lefsa and stroodle

60.try to learn foreign language (spanish or galic)

61.see midnight showing of rocky horror

62.go to the drive-in

63.take lil sis to cubs game

64.hang out with the other lil sis

65.learn to ice skate

66.start a quote/lyrics journal

67.sing karaoke 1$ for 1001 days (30/1001)

69.have a dance party and actually dance

70.start going to bed early (lights out @2am) (it works sometimes)

71. no computer after midnight (cept for fri & sat or when HE s online) (it works sometimes)

72.make and buy ingredients for dinner for the “family”

73.clean “room” once a week (2)

74.remember my parents birthdays parents birthday gifts a non-fiction book

77.get sorta lost when i can ride my bike again.

78. woodgang bike gang

79.start family tree print and online versions

80.get a professional massage

81.have Greg visit me

82.throw a kick ass house party

83.bored game night

84.finish a game of risk

85.make a quilt for my bed out of old clothes

86.get to a healthy weight.

87.find out what a heathy weight for me is

88.grow my hair out for as long as i can stand it (only trimms)

89.get a spiffy new digital camera

90. get an HD camera

91. do youtubes 51 things

92.remember that i am not alone

93.get drunk and stay up all night talking to lauren

94.stay up all night and talk to my lil sis


96.private my laundry once a week an external hard-drive

99.get a BRAND new computer


101. give myself a spelling test once a month.

for more information please visit… day zero project


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